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Health Water
There's more to our water than H2O - and you can feel it. Healthy Water is the first EVER to infuse a combination of CBDNaturals® Purazomes™ - our proprietary colloidal phytocannabindoid complex - and a full spectrum of over 72 non-GMO ionic and trace minerals mined from the Great Salt Lake into bottled water. These replenishing, all-natural ingredients work together to restore your balance and hydrate your body like nature intended.
Our products are formulated for those living that hustle life. 'Be Limitless' with nitric oxide boosting formulas that go to work immediately to deliver EndoActives™ (CBD Naturals® Phytocannabinoid Complex) plus Congnizan® and other nootropic ingredients.
We understand the need for instant gratifcation because discomfort these days come in many forms. With FAST CBD RELIEF there's a remedy for what ails you.
Bliss Me
These days it's easy to let the speed of life get the better of you. Our hops-derived CBD beverage enhancers are designed to help you access a natural state of bliss. Bliss Me drops are your wellness answer to the relentless call of opportunity and over-committing, so you can slow down and make space for the mindful me-time.
Hemp Rain
We make good on our promise to nourish the mind, body and soul with essential nutrients derived from one of the most versatile and sustainable plants on earth. Each flavor has just the right amount of natural sweetness to tickle your tastebuds.
Our naturally flavored beverage enhancers are fortified with EndoActives+™, a powerful blend of CBD Naturals® Beta-Caryophyllene and CBD extract. These ingredients work in synergy with specifically selected botanicals to help generate and maintain your levels of clarity and focus, no matter what the day throws your way.
Our quick and stealth vita-spray is small but mighty. Loaded with the health-boosting power of three key liposomal vitamins, plus three powerful phytocannabinoid ingredients, maintaining you health couldn't be simpler.
TRU Spectrum
Our TruSpectrum® extraction method represents one of the most unaltered forms of cannabis oil, delivering all the of medicinal constituents the cannabis plant naturally offers such as CBG, CBGA, CBC, CBDV, THCv, beta-caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene, limonene, b-pinene and many others that are currently hard to find in the marketplace as a result of harsh extraction techniques.
Let us enlighten you on the raw power of our cannabis-infused coconut water. A naturally replenishing beverage, Rasa beverages are further enhanced by our uniquely bioavailable phytocannabinoid blend, that works to balance the body and mind's natural receptors.
Inspired by the natural beauty around us, Floré skincare is a brand that brings forth the beauty that is within. Breaking the mold of beauty by number - our skincare helps our customer feel their youth, not age.
Lust Naked
Lust products are rich with hemp seed oil to give you the most sensual, luxurious experience when you rub them all over your body (or someone else's). Hemp seed oil is THC-free and is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & E.
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