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CBD H20: Hemp Water

CBD water is becoming a more popular commodity among a myriad of CBD products. Several celebrities are starting to back various hemp-infused waters. Mark Wahlberg, Diddy, and Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser, to name just a few, began backing a Los Angeles based water company in 2019. Even giant company’s like Molson Coors, had plans to start creating CBD-infused water late in 2019, but was having issues with formulation.

It is understood that not all CBD drinks are made the same depending on the brand and manufacture. CBD doesn’t easily absorb into the bloodstream in its normal isolate form as the particles are too big to pass quickly into the bloodstream. This leads to most of the CBD in a CBD-infused drinks to pass into the stomach and get discarded through the digestive process since the particles cannot be absorbed quickly enough.

CBD Naturals® has understood this issue for years and was one of the first manufacturers to develop a method to use nano-technology to create a nano-amplified CBD concentrate which is used in most of their products allowing for quick bio-availability. CBD Naturals® has developed a number of CBD waters and beverage enhancers which generally include more CBD than many of its competitors. Not out to just make money, but to provide better availability of CBD and its health benefits to everyone, CBD Naturals® even attempts to price its products for the amount of CBD lower than its competitors.

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Written By: James Kinchen
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